Video Screen, 1.5 meter visible screen (1.8m² or 19 SqFt), 15mm pitch. Screen  is completely video capable, and can be connected to MSL light controller through WiFi or LAN (controller version 4 only). Configuration see spec sheet.

The MSL Circular Video Screen is an active component of our “MAX-vertising” product line, it is fully video capable. It is also the only circular screen with a VSA of over 84%. The screen is produced for outside use. Fans are eliminated by mechanically cooled power supplies.


Product Family:                                                   MSL Maxvertise

Screen Diameter:                                                1500 mm (59 in.)

Outer Diameter:                                                  1670 mm (65 in.)

Depth:                                                                  230 mm (10 in.)

Surface area:                                                       2.2 m² (23 SQ FT)

VSA (visible screen area):                                 1.8 m² (19 SQ FT) or 84%

Pixel size:                                                            15mm

Color:                                                                   RGB

Operation:                                                           PWM (pulse width modulation)

Optimized viewing distance:                            15 m (50 feet)

Viewing angle:                                                   140°

Power consumption:                                        1 KW (white)

Average power consumption:                         0.65 KW

Weight:                                                               160 KG (350 lbs.)

Frame material:                                                 Steel galvanized

Screen mounting:                                              Aluminum anodized

Cabinet doors:                                                    Aluminum anodized

Shipping weight including crate:                    440 KG (968 Lbs)

  • Item #: 27.015.015
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 27.015.015
  • Condition: New

MSL Maxvertising screen

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