MSL Rim Light Fixture Mounting Bracket C
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MSL Rim Light Fixture Mounting Bracket C

 The mounitng bracket C is used on MSL rim light fixtures, to provide support in the center of the fixture longer than 6', the fixtures is been used on observation wheel rim irons since 2010, it is suggested to upgrade light installtion previous to that with this bracketto provide additional support. The bracket is easy to install and to add to existing systems with the light fixtures mounted in a 90 degree angle to the steel frame.

Part Number: 26.100.003


Material: Stainless Steel, 308


Thickness: 3mm, (1/8")


Channel Type 55mm x 30mm (part # 26.000.050)


These brackets are used on Chance Giant Wheel, Chance Century Wheel and Mulligan Wheel.


Production date December 2010 to April 2012.


Rivets and bolts not included in package.

  • Item #: 26.100.003
  • Manufacturer: MSL Maxtron
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 26.100.003
  • Condition: New

MSL Rim Light Fixture Mounting Bracket C

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